Blue Light Lenses for Preventing Digital Eye Strain

Blue light lenses are becoming more popular as people look for ways to deal with digital eye strain. Many people are reporting issues with their eyesight because they are spending more time on their screens. People are adjusting to a new way of life and work that involves increased screen time. It is important to find out how effective the lenses are and if they can help to keep eyes healthy.


Digital Eye Strain


Many people suggest that blue light that is emitted by most digital devices can be harmful to the eyes. With its short wavelength, blue light penetrates the eyes and reaches the retina more easily than colored light. Blue light is emitted by the sun, as well as technology sources like computers, tablets, and other screens. The time spent using digital devices and how they are used contribute to eye strain. Holding digital devices to close causes concerns about blue light and its effects on eye health.


Blue Light Lenses


Some people suggest that wearing blue light glasses can help protect the eyes from light emitted by digital screens. Also called blue light blocking glasses, the lenses work by filtering blue light rays. They help decrease the amount of blue light that can reach the eyes. The glasses are not just for people who wear prescription glasses. Anyone can wear blue light lenses without a prescription. They are readily available in stores and online.  


Do Blue Light Lenses Work?


The jury is still out on how effective blue light lenses are. The lenses are effective when it comes to reducing the amount of light that gets into the eyes. However, it is still unclear whether they can improve or protect the health of the eyes. There is not enough evidence suggesting that blue light causes digital eye strain. However, those who spend long hours looking at a screen often end up with fatigued eyes.


Blue Light Lenses and Better Sleep


Many people claim that wearing blue light glasses helps them sleep better at night. Blue light can help promote performance and alertness. It works in the regulation of the circadian rhythm or the sleep-wake cycle. Studies have shown that using digital devices in the evening can affect the quality of sleep you get. Using blue light lenses can help ensure that you get adequate, quality sleep.


Avoiding Digital Eye Strain


How you use digital screens will determine whether you get eye strain. There are steps you can take to avoid it. Sitting too close to a digital screen can strain the eye muscles. Poor positioning causes the eye muscles to constantly change focus, which also causes strain. Taking regular breaks and reducing your screen time can help prevent DES. 


There is a lack of conclusive evidence to suggest that blue light lenses can prevent eye strain. However, they can help reduce the amount of light that penetrates the eyes. This can help improve sleep patterns. More importantly, the glasses do not cause any harm, and they can be worn by both kids and adults.


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