Celebrating 21 years on Main Street with 21% off All Sunglasses!

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  Okaloosa Eye Care is celebrating our 21 year anniversary on Main Street.   Stop in to help us celebrate and receive 21% off all sunglasses in our optical!  We carry a wide selection of sunglasses, including Costa, Proof, Oakley, Badgley Mischka, and Vera Bradley....

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Spring into Summer with New Designer Frames in Our Optical!

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Okaloosa Eye Care has recently received several shipments of new designer eyewear for both adults and children. To give you a little sneak peek, here are a few of our favorites:   Beautiful Carolina Herrara frames for women.         Adorable Sperry frames for tweens and kids.         Stylish new Ann Taylor frames, available in Tailored and Petite sizes, for women.         Adorable Nicole Miller frames for girls and women.     This is just a small sampling of all the boxes we have recently received!  Stop by to check out the entire selection anytime during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm.         Also, don’t forget about our great spring special on SaltLife going on now.  We are currently offering 20% off on SaltLife sunglasses until the end of April 2018!...

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Okaloosa Eye Care’s Holiday Gift Guide

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Okaloosa Eye Care’s Holiday Gift Guide Christmas is coming soon!  At Okaloosa Eye Care, we have tons of gift ideas your family and friends are sure to love.  Here are just a few…. Ray-Ban glasses or sunglasses.      Randolph glasses or sunglasses.  These stylish frames are made in the USA.   Vera Bradley glasses.  These beautiful glasses come with an equally fun case. Costa sunglasses.  Stop by and check out our newly expanded selection.  Tons of new styles to choose from. Maui Jim sunglasses.   Children’s sunglasses – BabyBanz, Ray-Bans, and more. Costa cords.  Costa cords make great stocking stuffers.  We even have them in fun game day colors.   Glasses cleaning kits.  Your parents or grandparents would love one of our handy little cleaning and repair kits in their stocking for Christmas. A gift certificate to Okaloosa Eye Care so your loved ones can choose their favorite glasses or sunglasses. For more ideas, stop by our office during regular business hours.  We look forward to seeing you!  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a very Merry...

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5th Annual Tailgate Party and Trunk Show

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Come join us for our 5th annual Tailgate Party and Trunk Show on September 18!   We will be offering fabulous discounts, including 20% off your complete pair of glasses or sunglasses PLUS free non-glare lens treatment (a $105 value)*.  Outside prescriptions are welcome.   A  ClearVision Optical representative will be here, featuring an extended selection of frames including Cole Haan, Ellen Tracy, Izod, Jessica McClintock, and OP.   We will also have food, drinks and great door prizes.  Come in and enter for a chance to win a free pair of progressive lenses. If you are interested in receiving updates as the event gets closer, make sure to like us on facebook.  See you on September 18! *Cannot be combined with insurance or other...

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Sunglasses and Children

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Sunglasses and Children:  The Importance of UV Eye Protection in Children Parents are usually aware of the long-term effects of sun exposure on children’s skin.  Most parents consistently slather sunscreen on their children throughout these summer months.  More and more children’s clothing companies are coming out with swimwear with high levels of SPF to prevent sun damage on our little ones’ bodies.  However, we as parents, tend to neglect our children’s eye health.  The American Optometric Association (AOA) reported that children receive up to 3 times the annual sun exposure of adults yet few ever wear sunglasses. Ultraviolet exposure from the sun has been found to contribute to several eye diseases, including cataracts, macular degeneration, pinguecula and pterygium (growths that can occur on the conjunctiva, the white part of the eye, and the cornea, leading to discomfort, cosmetic issues, and even vision loss).  Most researchers believe that this sun damage to the eyes is cumulative so early prevention is important. As a parent, I realize that it can sometimes be difficult to get children to wear sunglasses so here are some tips: 1.  Start early.  If children start wearing sun protection early as infants, they get used to the feel of sunglasses and the comfort from the bright sun that they provide.  We carry Baby Banz sunglasses, that can fit children of all ages. 2.  Let your children help pick out the color and style.    Children, even toddlers, like to have a say in their attire.  Letting them help choose the sunglasses will increase the likelihood that they are happy wearing them.  We carry several children’s sunglasses in stock and even have a few little Ray-Ban options for those super stylish toddlers. 3.  Make sure to choose sunglasses with lenses that block out 99-100% of both UVA and UVB rays.  Some sunglasses have dark lenses but don’t block out enough UV rays for full protection.  Also look for impact-resistant materials since young children tend to be especially rough on their glasses. We hope you all have a wonderful rest of the summer and have a lot of fun in the sun!...

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Sunglasses: What to look for when buying sunglasses

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  With so many options available now for sunglasses, many people get confused as to what to look for.  We can help!  Here are some tips on what to look for when buying sunglasses. 1.  UV transmission – The primary goal of sunglasses is to shield your eyes from damaging UV rays so make sure to buy sunglasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB transmission.  It is important to realize that the darkness of the lenses does not indicate the UV blocking power.  Just because a lens is dark does not mean that it blocks out all of the UV rays.  Make sure to ask a professional for help if you are unsure of the amount of UV transmission in a sunglass lens. 2. Style – Sunglasses are no longer just utilitarian; they can be a great fashion accessory.  Make sure to choose sunglasses that fit your own personal style. 3. Comfort – If the sunglasses are not comfortable, you won’t wear them.  Always try on sunglasses and have a professional adjust them to ensure a proper fit and all-day comfort. 4.  Tint –  The most common color tint is gray.  A gray tint transmits all colors evenly and is great for bright, sunny days.  Amber/brown tints are also popular; they can help improve contrast and depth perception and are also great for cloudy and overcast days.  Numerous other color tints are available, from green and yellow to rose colored lenses.  Ask us what is the best option for you based on your needs. 5. Lens Material –  Numerous lens materials exist for sunglasses, including glass, plastic and polycarbonate lenses, to name a few.  Glass lenses provide excellent clarity; however, they are the heaviest lenses and the most likely to shatter.  Polycarbonate lenses, while not having the clarity of glass, are more impact-resistant.  Plastic lenses tend to be a happy medium between the two. 6. Polarization – Polarization blocks out glare.  Polarized lenses work by filtering out reflected light bouncing off horizontal surfaces such as roadways and water.  They are an excellent option for people who want to improve their daytime driving vision and are imperative for avid boaters and fishermen. 7. Transitions – Many people confuse the terms polarization and transitions.  Transition lenses darken with UV exposure, thereby allowing the wearer to use the same prescription glasses for indoor and outdoor use. All of us at Okaloosa Eye Care strongly believe in the importance of sunglasses for protection, comfort, and vision.  Please let us know how we can assist in selecting the best sunglasses for you....

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